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Hacked Website Repair

 Select this service if your website has been hacked and you need it fixed.

Website Repair

Website Maintenance

 Select this service if you would like your website updated so that it is safe and secure.

Website Maintenance

Website Development

 Select this service if you would to build a new or enhance an existing website.

Website Development

‘Website Salvage’

To rescue, repair, restore or maintain a website that has been hacked, lost, neglected, abandoned or is incomplete.

It's a good thing you've found us. If one of the following scenarios describes your situation you are in the right place:

Your website designer left for the Bahamas and he isn’t coming back

(insert name) left your company & no one knows how to manage your website

Your website has been neglected, abandoned, lost, or hacked

You have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for your website to be finished

You are losing sleep about the security or stability of your website

You don’t have a website just yet & would rather not experience one of these scenarios

Backed by a website designer, website developer and lawyer


This is where we set out to discover as much information as we can about your website, domain name, current hosting services, email services etc. It is a research stage designed to uncover where these services and registrations lie, who manages them and how they can be consolidated.

Website Recovery

This stage sets up the recovery process and includes obtaining copies of all website data and migrating them to a known safe environment. From there we can consolidate all your web services to ensure you have ultimate control over your digital property.

Website Repair

Sometimes when websites are left unchecked through neglect or access restrictions they become outdated, vulnerable to malware, hacking attempts or require optimisation. This service is designed to bring your website up to date and to resolve any obvious or potential deficiencies.

Website Maintenance

Just like any ship or motor vehicle, maintenance is essential. Unless a website is maintained it will become stagnant, outdated and will eventually require a complete overhaul or replacement. Our maintenance service has been developed to ensure you receive significant longevity from your website.

Website Rescue

This service is geared towards taking over a website design project that has not been completed. A story we hear all too often is that a client engages a website designer, signs a contract and pays a reasonable deposit to be left waiting months for a completed website. If time or your patience has run out, this is the option for you.

Website Design

Aside from the services listed above we also plan, design and develop websites from start to finish. We are a full service digital agency and offer a suite of services including domain name registration, search engine marketing, digital strategy, website design & website hosting.

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Pirates & Sharks

In an industry that is largely unregulated and where reasonable sums of money are spent the waters can be somewhat murky for the inexperienced. It’s an unfortunate truth that the website design industry attracts pirates, sharks and the occasional mermaid. Unless you have a solid recommendation for a website designer or have worked successfully worked with one before, choosing one can be risky.

About Us

A significant part of our business over the past 10 years has been dedicated to picking up the pieces from less than capable or accountable ‘website designers’. We have coined the term ‘website salvage’ and are focused on making things right online. We have been designing websites for almost 20 years, we manage servers and don’t mind getting our hands dirty in someone else’s code.

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